Litchi harvesting 2017/18

Litchi harvesting 2017/18

Below is an outline of the Afrupro Pack house Litchi harvesting instructions for producers during the 2017/18 season:

1. Before the end of September 2017 each producer packing at Afrupro pack house must supply the information to Lizelle Drotskie on

2. Fruit samples must be delivered to the Afrupro pack house laboratory on specific dates.

3. A specific procedure must be followed when taking samples.

4. Inexperienced producers must please contact Joao dos Ramos at Afrupro pack house if they are uncertain about the extent of variation that exists in their orchards.

5. Specific information is given regarding the above sampling technique.

6. The Afrupro pack house laboratory will take the certain key measurements, detailed in the full document.

7. The laboratory will capture the results and forward it to Afrupro growers.

8. Certain (preliminary) cut off point values apply.

9. Decisions regarding the intake date and export procedure (e.g. air freight, sea freight, sulphur fumigation, MA bag, on the stalk, etc.) and volume coordination will be given through to the producers by the Afrupro pack house manager after conferring with the marketing manager based on the specific information detailed in the full document.

10. A specific harvesting procedure is explained in the full document.

The full document gives all information needed for the 2017/18 litchi season.

Please visit the Documents library to download the full document.