South African avocado growers wish the season would never end

The European market is short on avocados, even more than originally expected, after South Africa and Peru’s giant crops from last year whetted an even wider appetite.

After a cautious start to the season which put a lid on prices until May, retail buyers have been requesting their South African suppliers to fly out orders, instead of using the normal route of a three week sea journey. Whereas last year there was an average of 3.5 million cartons a week on the European market, for the past few weeks almost a million fewer cartons have been arriving, putting pressure on retail programme commitments.

“It’s quite unusual, to fly out fruit this time of the year,” says Brenda Greyvensteyn, commercial manager at Afrupro Marketing. They still have avocados from mainly the Letaba area arriving (by ship) in Europe and the UK, ending their season over the next three to four weeks.

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