Building A Sustainable Agricultural System

Afrupro is one of South Africa’s top subtropical fruit grower marketing companies. We’re responsible for marketing and packing all grades of locally grown avocados and litchis both in South Africa and internationally. Quality is our core focus, and all our producing farms are GlobalGAP accredited and a select number are also Tesco Nurture accredited.

Our offices are centrally located in Tzaneen, from where we coordinate all the logistical and packing programmes between our avocado and litchi growers and the different packing and market opportunities.

Ultimately, we aim to build a sustainable agricultural system that allows us to create wealth for our workers – who are all drawn from local communities – while protecting our environment and supplying quality fruit in a safe way that paves the road for future generations.

Our marketing strategy is long-term oriented and, in line with this, we cherish the long-term relationships we have nurtured with our strategically selected partners in each market in South Africa and abroad.

from orchard to consumer


  • Global GAP
  • Tesco Nuture
  • Level 4 BEE
All our producing farms are GlobalGAP accredited (GGN 4049928188465), while some selectively chosen producing farms are Tesco Nurture accredited. All pack houses are either BRC or HACCP accredited. Social compliance criteria are being implemented at grassroots level within our producing companies through programmes that address worker welfare and social issues. Our present BEE status is Level 4.

Our mission statement

To provide a professional local and international logistical and marketing platform for all our shareholders, supplying producers, clients and service providers, in order to ensure a long term sustainable agricultural presence for all, through good and responsible agricultural practices, quality produce, sound ethical and business principles and to ultimately offer absolute value.

Our Structure

We currently have 30 shareholders, while also manage fruit for non-shareholder producers. This allows us as a group to enter into programmes and to supply markets for the complete South African supply period, which for avocados is weeks 8-39; and for litchis, weeks 50-4.

We offer technical, logistical and marketing support and services to our shareholders and suppliers, and are directly involved in the total supply chain from the orchard to the final product being offered to the consumer.